With your help, the Friars dig three new wells in Ghana!

It is with great excitement and gratitude that we share the good news that we have successfully completed the Wells for Ghana project! With the help of a challenge grant from a generous benefactor, the many friends of the friars were able to turn one well into three!

Last fall, the Franciscan Mission Association appealed to our friends and benefactors in the United States to help us provide clean drinking water to villages in Ghana, West Africa.  As Fr. Emmanuel explained in the video we shared, many villages in Ghana do not have a source of clean drinking water nearby. Children must often walk miles to the nearest water source, first thing in the morning. Tired from the walk and carrying a heavy load of water, these children are often too tired to perform well in school, or miss going to school entirely. Knowing the importance education plays in lifting people out of poverty, the Wells for Ghana project settled on three sites essential to growth and education in Ghana.


The first well is at the Center of Hope for God’s Children in the eastern village of Yendi. Operated by the Medical Sisters of St. Joseph, the Center of Hope is an orphanage serving poor and abandonded children.

The second well was dug at St. Anne’s Primary School in the village of Bongo on Ghana’s northern border with Burkina Faso. Serving over 600 children in Kindergarten through the 8th grade, St. Anne’s Primary School can now provide clean water for health and hygiene to all of its students.

The third well was installed at St. Ambrose College of Education in Dormaa Akwamu on Ghana’s western border with Ivory Coast. St. Ambrose was established in 2009 by the Catholic Diocese of Sunyani, serves 588 students, and is one of 40 public colleges in Ghana.

With full hearts, and on behalf of all those you’ve helped in Ghana, we thank you!

Joseph HamiltonWith your help, the Friars dig three new wells in Ghana!

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