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The events of the past year, as we have suffered through the Covid-19 pandemic, have left none of us untouched. For the poorest among us, especially those in the developing world, where economic development, financial aid, and access to health care are limited or non-existent, the toll of the pandemic has been devastating. Every day, our poorest brothers and sisters in towns and villages all over the world endure a struggle for everyday items most of us take for granted.

And every day the Franciscan Friars Conventual go into the breach to serve them, in the most dire circumstances, providing basic necessities and medical services–and the hope that our faith inspires.

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Our Gratitude

Thank you, dear friends of the missions. We have successfully raised the funds for three wells! With the help of a generous benefactor who made a challenge grant of one full well ($6,000), we we able to generate matching funds to reach our goal of $18,000!

We are currently making arrangements for their installation. We will report back soon with details!

Your gift will make a difference!

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Our Goal

Completed after ten years of planning and work by the people of the village, the hospital in Jema, Ghana is finally open. Villagers provided all labor they could provide: digging foundation trenches, excavation for septic tanks, and carrying sand and gravel. Though very poor, the villagers also provided 10% of the hospital’s cost.

Yet it lacks the equipment necessary to adequately operate its laboratory. Your gift can change that–and provide lab results to villagers for many miles around Jema.

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